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BathHouse & Healing Centre

A relaxed private retreat

Escape to the serene Tallebudgera Valley, nestled in the heart of Gold Coast, Queensland. Only a 6-minute drive from the M1, this hidden gem promises tranquility and communion with nature. Immerse yourself in the opulence of Balinese-inspired gardens, where nature’s harmonious symphony and soothing melodies embrace you all day long. This retreat is an intimate refuge, welcoming those in search of inner rekindling and a deeper connection with Mother Earth. Explore the enchanting surroundings, rediscover your inner self, and find solace in the arms of this idyllic sanctuary, where the stresses of the modern world are left far behind, and serenity prevails.

Bali-Style Retreat

Enjoy the charm of our self-contained Bail Style cabins, each offering a cozy and immersive retreat for a comfortable and memorable stay.



Bath House

Steam Sauna

Indulge in the Cedar Finnish Sauna’s myriad benefits, from detoxification and relaxation to improved well-being and overall health enhancement.

Magnesium Spa Bath

Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating waters of our magnesium spa bath, replenishing your body with essential minerals.

Ice Bath

Experience the power of cold therapy to reduce inflammation and reset your immune system, a true awakening for your senses.

Hydration Centre

Hi-Vibe Water & Herbal Teas

Rehydrating after using a sauna or spa is crucial for maintaining good health and ensuring your body functions properly. Both saunas and spas can cause increased sweating, which leads to fluid loss and potential dehydration. Here are the key reasons why rehydration is important after using a sauna or spa:

    1. Fluid Loss

    2. Preventing Dehydration

    3. Maintaining Electrolyte Balance

    4. Temperature Regulation

    5. Skin Health

    6. Cardiovascular Health

    7. Muscle Recovery

    8. Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses

  1. Purification: Advanced filtration systems to remove toxins like chlorine, fluoride, pathogens, and heavy metals from the water. This ensures that the water is safe to consume and promotes better health.

  2. Mineralisation: Alkaline water is enriched with essential minerals such as potassium, magnesium, and calcium, which can contribute to improved overall health. The typical pH level falls within the range of 8.5-9.5.

  3. Structured Water: Undergoes a structuring process that mimics nature, optimizing its molecular structure for greater absorption into the body’s cells. This enhanced absorption can improve hydration and overall well-being.

  4. Positive Vibrations: Expose our water to positive sound frequencies, thoughts, intentions, and words, which research suggests can positively affect the molecular structure of water. These vibrations are believed to have a healing effect on the body, potentially contributing to better health.

Healing Centre

Massage Therapy

Experience the expertise of our professional masseuse, who offers tailored massages to relax, rejuvenate, and soothe your body and mind.


Unlock the benefits of a Reiki Master’s expertise, experiencing deep relaxation, energy balance, stress reduction, pain relief, and enhanced overall well-being.


Participate in Meditation Group Sessions to foster inner peace, reduce stress, improve focus, connect with like-minded individuals, and advance your mindfulness journey for holistic well-being.


Participate in Yoga Group Sessions, designed for small groups of up to six individuals, for personalized attention and a supportive environment to enhance flexibility, strength, and well-being.


As the sun sets, our retreat transforms into a dreamlike oasis with enchanting resort-style lighting. Our 6-8 pm sessions are incredibly popular, so booking in advance is essential.

Our Social Feedback


John & Jess are amazing human beings, very welcoming. Their property is beautiful; what they’ve created with their space is truly another world. Definitely can recommend to anyone and would be happy to stay again!


What a beautiful sanctuary John & Jess have created! A perfect retreat to relax, rest & reset. The accomodation/bed was extremely comfortable & had everything I needed including coffee & a couple of beers. Everything has been well thought out for a memorable stay. I spent a few good hours using the mineral spa, sauna & ice bath which are set amongst lush gardens & soft ambient music . That you John & Jess. I look forward to returning.


great weekend where we totally destressed and saw a beautiful part of the gold coast hinterland

The room was spacious and very comfortable. The highlight was the large sauna and ice bath. The host uncle Johnny gave us some dcoaching on how to last 5 minutes in the ice bath. It was a great feeling afterwards. Johnny also went above and beyond giving us some great food tips and even dropped us off at a restaurant.



This was such a beautiful stay. We were greeted by the hosts who were so incredibly catering . We had the most beautiful relaxing stay with an incredible breakfast made for us in the morning. The gardens were so beautiful and private. Spa and sauna and ice bath so beautifully presented. The room had all our needs met with beautiful products to use. There is nothing that wasn't thought of. Everything was just so beautiful. We highly recommend this place.



Beautiful location and property. Loved the Reiki session with Jessica and John gently guided me through my first soak session which included an ice bath. Both Jessica and John really took care of me during my stay. Highly recommend this accommodation retreat and will stay there again in the future.


The perfect place to wind down and relax

It’s just serene! Lovely atmosphere.

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